Global Component Technologies CorporationGlobal Component Technologies Corporation

Basic procurement policy

Our policy is based on mutual trust and cooperation with our partners, and we hope to work with worldwide quality-and-cost leaders for bilateral sustainable growth.

  • 1.We provide open, fair and equal opportunity for competition to all our business partners.

  • 2.We emphasize on relationships based on collaboration and mutual trust in enhancement of technological capabilities, improvement in quality, price competitiveness and other areas.

  • 3.We strive to procure eco-friendly merchandise from business partners who place a premium on environmental protection for their trades.

  • 4.We ensure thorough compliance with laws, social norms and corporate ethics.

Basic policy for new business partnerships

  • 1.The company should have a stable management foundation.

  • 2.The company should ensure thorough compliance in its operations.

  • 3.The company should have outstanding technological capabilities and be able to handle a wide range of needs.

    • Ⅰ.

      Ability to handle the entire process, from procuring materials to manufacturing finished products

    • Ⅱ.

      Ability to design and develop products in-house

    • Ⅲ.

      Ability to proactively propose cost cuts to our company through vigorous VE activities

    • Ⅳ.

      Ability for flexible production

    • Ⅴ.

      A solid management process for quality control

  • 4.The company's management policy should include an environmental management policy for green conservation.